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  • VOIP Phone Systems

    Cheaper call costs,
    Multi-site capable,
    Reduced equiptment costs,
    Fully featured as standard.
  • Leased Internet Service

    Reliable Flexible,
    Up time agreement,
    Throughput guarantees,
    Dedicated Lines.
VOIP Phone Systems

'AI Conect Hosted Voice' is a fully hosted and managed telephony service. Conect Hosted Voice provides the functionality of a high-end PBX but with no phone system physically on site. We can design, supply and install a system designed to meet your businesses needs.Find out more...

Leased Internet Access

As the internet become a bigger part of your companies day to day operations can you afford to be without a stable and responsive connection? If not an Ethernet access direct (EAD) internet connection is for you with speeds of up to 1Gbps and a high level SLA your business would never be the same again.. Find out more...

Broadband & Fibre

Don't require a direct internet connection or an SLA look at our range of internet connections suitable for most business's. All our packages come with at least 1 Static IP address and are unlimited bandwidth, designed for peace of mind. Find out more...

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